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The Thinkwise low-code platform helps enterprise companies to say goodbye to complex obsolete software that hangs around their necks like a millstone. This ensures that organizations become agile again, backlogs are eliminated at lightning speed and there is finally time again for innovation.

Why low-code?

Low-code is a movement of technologies that automates large parts of the traditional programming work and thus increases the productivity of development teams in an unprecedented way.

Why Thinkwise?

Normally low-code is used to build all kinds of beautiful but often small-scale apps and portals. The Thinkwise low-code platform, on the other hand, specializes in large-scale business-critical core systems. The moment this core is flexible, modern, and easily adaptable the need for thousands of apps disappears and you can focus again on your business and innovation. Thinkwise offers a so-called Upcycler, a tool that can automatically import legacy applications, including data, for a lightning-fast start. Thinkwise also works with a higher level of abstraction which, according to benchmarking agencies such as QSM Europe, leads to the highest productivity in the low-code market. Applications built on the platform do not subsequently age again, due to complete independence of technology.


Companies such as VDL, Xenos and Zeeman replaced their entire application landscape, including large ERP systems such as SAP, with the Thinkwise platform in less than 1 year. They did this fully phased, without any risk, at a fraction of the cost of large package implementations.

Thinkwise Platform introduction in 4 minutes

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Thinkwise Software

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Victor Klaren
Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer