Kerith GbR heeft de start-upwedstrijd gewonnen tijdens de “Digital Summit Euregio” op 18 mei 2022. Gefeliciteerd!

Met zijn bedrijfsidee en presentatie overtuigde het bedrijf uit Münster de jury en het publiek op het Duits-Nederlandse IT-congres. In de finale versloeg Kerith GbR ScoutinScience B.V. en won de Digital Summit Euregio Award ter waarde van 5.000 euro!

Jurylid Wolfgang Hoss (initiatief “In|du|strie – Gemeinsam. Zukunft. Leben.”) reikte de prijs uit aan de broers Joshua en Lucas Elias Küpper – samen met de andere juryleden Volker Meise (Eucon Digital GmbH, Münster) en Amelie Wolfgart (BASF SE).

De prijs wordt gesponsord door het initiatief “In|du|strie – Gemeinsam. Zukunft. Leben.❤️


Companies are receiving fewer and fewer applications for apprenticeships or vacant positions. On the other hand, Generation Z cannot always identify with the established application process. JOBIN HOOD bridges the gap and makes it easy for students to contact attractive employers in the region, especially in the modern communication behaviour of Generation Z on smartphones and in a simple and understandable language.

In addition, is a cross-sector channel that gives companies a stage to present themselves to the young target group. The tool is free of charge for users, of course, but companies pay for the marketing stage and also receive direct potential applicants via chat.

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We are building an online planning tool to develop and evaluate energy decisions. Manufacturing companies rely on external consultancies and printed one-shot plans to execute their energy strategy – we help them make strategic decisions themselves and adapt their strategy to changing circumstances.

Specifically, our tool advises manufacturing companies when and where to build what amount of PV, battery storage, gas turbines, heat pumps, wind turbines, and other technologies. Our tool also suggests what purchase strategy would fit best and what return on investment to expect from efficiency measures.

Our software enables them to create a digital twin of their energy infrastructure, identify cost, emission, and risk drivers, and evaluate measures to tackle them. In addition, our software notifies companies about the impact of shifting conditions like exploding gas prices and advises on how they should react.

Thus our tool shortens decision cycles and enables C-level to navigate their company through turbulent energy transitions.

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ScoutinScience B.V.

With ScoutinScience B.V., we developed an in-house AI tool to support universities and corporates with their tech scouting process. In short, tech transfer offices of universities are seeking opportunities to spin-out technologies, apply for patents and other commercialization strategies. Our business model is to provide them with a real-time analysis of papers in their specific scope. Depending on the size of the client, we work with a SaaS-solution and get between €1K – €10K per month in revenue.

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Siip Group

Two Value Propositions (VP) are offered to different Customer Segments with different Revenue Streams, one of them being free-of-charge (the end-user). Non-paying Customer Segments are subsidised by paying customers (p X q and/or subscription fee) in order to attract the maximum number of users. The VP for the end-user encompasses 1) a verified digital identity in the Siip app on your mobile phone with control over your own data enabling you to identify yourself or comply (e.g. age check) online, 2) speed and convenience in data sharing and in different (online) processes such as onboarding or registration, login, physical access, online check-in or making transactions and reservations. The VP for companies encompasses 1) Know Your Customer and Know Your Visitor, 2) efficiency and convenience in a customer journey that requires identification, authentication or personal identifiable information (e.g. onboarding, logging in, contracting or making transactions), 3) compliance with law and regulation made easier and more efficient (e.g., GDPR or night registration), 4) a wider reach (not only knowing the buyer of tickets, but know all your visitors).

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Over the last two years, we have been able to support our customers, such as Microsoft, T-Systems and Bechtle, in project business within a proof-of-concept. Within 18 months we were able to increase the price for these pilot projects by 1,000 percent.

Since the beginning of this year, we have been focussing on the sale of our specially developed Software-as-a-Service product. By the end of this year, we will be able to support ten customer projects – our early adopters – in using our software. The most important goal in 2022 is to lead SYNTINELS to product market fit by the end of the year.

We are already realising monthly recurring revenues (MRR), which makes our business model scalable in the long term and permanently useful for our customers.

The early adopters are using our solution this year for a heavily discounted price as they primarily pay with their time and given feedback on the software.

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The real estate industry is facing major challenges: There is a lack of living space, approval processes take too long, land sealing is very high and building is still done with too few sustainable materials.

Our company SYTE offers an AI-supported software solution for authorities, real estate developers, brokers, planners and investors to uncover the potential for redensification of land – in real time. The existing building stock is also taken into account to ensure sustainable development and to keep land sealing to a minimum.

Taking into account local building laws, climatic influences and economic efficiency, SYTE calculates the optimal possible utilisation for a plot of land, taking into account the surrounding buildings.

This solution makes it possible to identify potential housing more quickly, speeds up the approval process and, by building on top of the existing stock, promotes sustainable lightweight materials such as wood more strongly.

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