Saskia Leenstra

Oost NL
Tech Capital & Senior investment manager
Panel Discussion "The need for impact investing"

The panel “The need of impact investing” discusses the critical role of investment decisions in combating climate change and creating positive social change. We explore the facts surrounding impact investment and its relevance to our planet. Impact investing has gained significant traction contributing to sustainable solutions worldwide, e.g., renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, and other climate-related sectors. However, many argue that the current changes in the industry may not be enough to meet the ambitious climate targets set forth by global agreements. We will navigate the complexities and challenges, striving to bridge the gap between ambition and action, talking about the innovative approaches, partnerships, and policy frameworks that can enhance the startup ecosystem’s ability to drive meaningful change in the face of climate crisis.


Saskia Leenstra heeft een achtergrond op het gebied van bedrijfsfinanciering. Zij begon haar carrière in investment banking bij Credit Suisse. Daarna werkte ze bij een investeringsmaatschappij waar ze hielp bij het oprichten van impact start-ups in de bouwsector. Momenteel is ze Team Manager Tech Capital bij Oost NL, waar ze met haar team investeert in impactvolle technologie-start-ups en scale-ups in Oost-Nederland.