Team Meuter GmbH

Team Meuter GmbH – strategic communications agency from the Münsterland region.

Raising your profile is our mission and cross-media staging is our business. So that your identity becomes visible and tangible.

We ask specific questions and dive deep to understand our clients and translate this understanding into creative solutions. Our service portfolio particularly includes the areas of employer branding and brand development as well as the implementation of creative campaigns, online and social media marketing.

Our strategic approach leads to sustainable success and a very high level of customer satisfaction. Because our claim is to think and design communication in such a sustainable way that it really makes a difference. Based on the analysis, we develop on- and offline strategies and precise measures. You can expect detailed knowledge, expertise and a change of perspective from us – but please not 08/15.

Team Meuter GmbH

Tungerloh-Pröbsting 20
48712 Gescher
Phone: 02542 87895 40
Employees: 12


Anja Meuter