Informationsfabrik GmbH

We are the “information factory” – your experts in data analytics. By combining human and artificial intelligence, we enable companies to unleash the unimagined potential of their data. We have been developing innovative analytics solutions for insurance providers, financial service providers and the manufacturing industry for over 20 years.

Our business areas

Data platforms: We advise and support our customers on the road to perfect data management. Our data warehouse and data lake solutions allow customers to use and analyse large volumes of data from different systems in real time.

Analytics solutions: Our range of dashboards, enterprise reporting and self-service BI enable the concise presentation and use of data for the management of companies. Our tailored solutions allow meaningful analyses to be provided quickly and flexibly at any time.

Artificial intelligence: Our customers can use our AI solutions to realise the potential of their data. We develop innovative models based on machine learning to enable companies to gain valuable insights from their data.

Customer and sales analytics: We enable companies to gain a better understanding of their customers’ habits. They can then use this knowledge to optimise their customer journey and initiate the next best action.

We help our customers to plan and implement useful data analytics solutions with our innovative technologies, in-depth expertise in data analytics and our passion for data.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we support our customers in the development of solutions in the Azure environment. Our partnerships with companies such as Informatica, Exasol and Dataiku give us access to a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies.

After joining the X1F Group in 2021, Informationsfabrik GmbH is now part of a strong network of companies that complement one another’s strengths.

Informationsfabrik GmbH

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Thomas Löchte