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We offer software solutions for medium-sized construction companies. Whether ERP software as a complete solution or mobile app for construction site documentation. bps software is your partner when it comes to construction.

The digital foremen

2,000 customers, 12,000 users, 60 employees, 4 branches, 1 family business: bps software.
Innovation is part of our corporate DNA. We started developing software solutions for medium-sized construction companies 20 years ago. We still do that today and more passionately than ever. We’re not developers that were looking for a niche in the market. Rather, we felt closely connected to the construction industry from the time we were founded. Then as now, our drive is to bring the industry forward, to “revolutionize” it. In digitization, we see THE opportunity for medium-sized companies in particular to relieve themselves, to be lighter, more effective and thus more capable of acting. From there, the entire industry can gain momentum and image. That is the spirit with which we develop. Our software house, founded in Ibbenbüren in 1997, is now in the 2nd generation. Customers from building, underground and turnkey construction as well as road and earthworks construction are using our industry-specific software. The demolition industry as well as numerous engineering offices from the main and ancillary construction trades are convinced of the solution for construction companies. Thanks to our many years of industry experience and our full concentration on the construction industry, bps software is one of the leading providers of modern and user-friendly complete solutions today.

Everything for construction: ERP software and app

While all construction-specific and commercial company processes are digitized with the ERP software bps bau and bps financewe sort of connect two worlds with our app upmesh: start-ups and medium-sized companies, mobile app and ERP software, project and corporate world.

Because upmesh was developed independently of the other bps programs, it can be linked to almost any other ERP software or used completely without integration into an ERP system. When digitization is talked about in the construction industry, one is often only focused on internals. How does a construction company manage to digitize its internal processes? ERP software is often the best solution for this. What is often forgotten is that it is particularly important in the construction industry to establish a smooth process with the various subcontractors. upmesh opens these company boundaries.

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