Patricia Wiesker

Digital transformation & Innovation Consultant | Zweitag GmbH

Participation in the panel discussion:

Women in Tech: The necessity to activate women for technology and innovation

The panel discussion addresses the critical need to involve more women in technology and innovation. We'll examine the persistent gender gap and the importance of a diverse workforce in driving progress. Our experts will discuss barriers, benefits, and strategies for empowering female participation in tech, aiming to create a more equitable industry.


Patricia is a catalyst for business change and future readiness. Her 7+ years working with and in China have equipped her with insights and an entrepreneurial mindset to bolster German companies, especially the Mittelstand, with a blend of creativity, empathy, and tech expertise. With her heart and passion, she fosters female empowerment. Her knack for creating systems and connections makes her a beacon for women, helping them to get ahead in business. She actively supports the development and growth of different initiatives like MentorMe or Techkalinen Münster.

Visit us on 17.04.2024 at 9:00 am or watch the live stream here


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