Peter van Harten

Smart Industry Niederlande
Sonderbeauftragter und Botschafter des Smart Industry Programms
The X-Factor for a new digital future in Europe

In this international lecture you will learn about a new vision for industry in Europe, how it all fits together and what the X-Factor means for your business. Every company can be part of it – you can step up and help build a green future with opportunities for our SMEs.

Our industry faces huge challenges, but most importantly, there are also huge opportunities. Our SMEs can become the accelerators of digitalisation, innovation, productivity and profitability in Europe. We could be more innovative and productive. The initiatives are there to make this happen. Join in!

Short CV:

Peter van Harten is the honorary special representative and ambassador of the Dutch Smart Industry Programme, where he is responsible for foreign relations. The cooperation agreements between Smart Industry and, among others, Platform Industry 4.0 are a result of his commitment. Peter van Harten is the author of the book “Connect to the Future – your business needs a data plug” and he is a passionate advocate of the industry and wants it to stay in Europe. That’s why he works every day to help SMEs in particular with the big issues in industry.
He is managing director and shareholder at ERP provider Isah Business Software.