Peter van Harten

Isah GmbH
Smart Industry Ambassador Netherlands | CEO Isah GmbH
German Climate Protection Act: Germany 2045 Energy Neutral! Wishful thinking or reality thanks to Smart Industry?

The Federal Cabinet of Germany recently increased its emissions targets drastically. What does this mean for industry, the construction sector and other sectors? In this keynote you will learn how Smart Industry can help to reach these targets faster.

We will present examples, experiments and ideas for collaboration (in fieldlabs) from the Netherlands

Short CV:

Born in the Netherlands, Peter van Harten has over 20 years of experience in the software industry. After a stint at Microsoft Automotive, he switched to the Dutch ERP provider Isah Business Software. At Isah he is responsible for Germany and international business.
Since 2018 Peter van Harten has also been an honorary ambassador for the Dutch Smart Industry Program, where he is responsible for international relations on the steering committee. He developed the German-Dutch action agenda presented at HMI 2019, firmly convinced that Germany and the Netherlands are the best partners for the digitization and transformation of industry in Europe. The  cooperation agreements 
signed between Smart Industry and the Plattform Industrie 4.0 as well as the Smart Factory Kaiserslautern and the founding of the Smart Factory EU Association are largely a result of his commitment.

Peter van Harten is out and about in Germany every day, always thinking about how Germany and the Netherlands can improve together.