Nick Sohnemann

Gründer und CEO
Highway to hell or future – A look at the future of digital business models

The lecture deals with the overarching theme “The coming structural change” – the megatrends driving the change are called “digitalisation and sustainability”.

The 20s and 30s will be the most dynamic decades in human history and many established companies and industries will undergo massive change.

Short CV:

Nick Sohnemann is one of the leading innovation and digitalization experts and speakers in Europe. He is the founder and CEO of FUTURE CANDY GmbH – an agency for future and innovation research and he has made it his mission to positively change and shape the culture of innovation in Europe. He studied at the University of Westminster in London and at the Hamburg Media School and is on the hunt worldwide for state-of-the-art methods for successful innovation. With his special flair for groundbreaking tools and trends, he supports companies in improving existing and developing new business models. He presents the latest tech and innovation topics in an engaging, activating and lively manner.