Maurice Kruse

Total Reality
Integrating VR & AR technology in the Industrial Life Cycle

Total Reality will present a platform where users can independently place information around a physical machine/production line or around a 3D model of this machine/production line.

This information can be visualised on the location itself, in the machine or production line for example. But it can also be visualised as a 3D model in a 3D visualiser.The platform can give access to every device. It doesn’t matter if they use a Tablet, Smartphone, MR headsets, VR goggles, etc.

We show in several steps how VR/XR can be used in the various phases of the industrial life cycle:

Using XR, a prototype can be visualised with a CAD/CAM model (real-time/sync) in multiple stages and version numbers of the product design.

Process optimisation
Step-by-step instructions in the assembly process. Particularly suitable for putting a production line into operation on location.

Marketing & Sales
3D models are presented in AR/VR/MR.

Training & Education
Training videos with instructions in VR are added.

Maintenance & Support
3D model & data are used to enable remote maintenance & support, such as guidance on how to maintain the product. Notes, PDFs and images can also be added.

Short CV:

Maurice Kruse is founder of the online marketing agency Twinsense. After 10 years, in 2015 the spin-off Total Reality was created where VR and AR technology are applied within the industry. Currently, this company is working on its own platform in which users can place information themselves and then visualise it in VR/AR/MR=XR.