Martin Aarnoudse

OVSoftware BV
Trust through transparency

Sharing data with other parties in a supply chain – that generally comes with trust issues. As a consequence, there is a wide variety of problems that are associated with additional costs. In the framework of the digital hackathon “Odyssey Momentum”, the largest AI and blockchain hackathon in the world, OVSoftware has developed a solution to securely exchange data in the field of floriculture between the parties in a supply chain via an open protocol and store it in a blockchain. The presented solution increases transparency in the supply chain, improves the quality and reduces the pressure for registration.

Short CV:

Martin Aarnoudse is consultant at OVSoftware and an experienced software engineer. Within the company, he has become a blockchain specialist  and advises customers on finding the right solution to their problem. He gives blockchain workshops, leads blockchain projects and supervises graduates in this field. In addition, he provides answers to questions about the Why, What and How with regard to OVSoftware and puts them into practice.