Markus Kohlmeier

DTS Systeme Herford GmbH
Head of Cyber Security Services
Zero trust – the paradigm shift in cyber-security

Right now, in 2022, cyber-criminals are using increasingly sophisticated methods to gain access to internal company data – and unfortunately with increasing success. In order to ensure reliable cyber-security in such a menacing situation and provide companies with the best possible protection, we have to move way from traditional cyber-security models that create security by statically delimiting areas in need of protection. The new motto is: “never trust, always verify!”. Markus Kohlmeier will present the paradigm shift towards the zero-trust architecture and explain why dynamic, risk-based and context-sensitive cyber-concepts are absolutely essential in 2022.

Short CV:

As the Head of Cyber Security at DTS Systeme GmbH, Markus Kohlmeier advocates holistic, automated and integrated cyber-security. He is a respected expert with over 20 years of experience in the cyber-security sector in Germany and abroad. In addition to his high level of experience, Markus stands out for his flexibility as a cyber-security architect and consultant.