Lucas Elias Küpper & Joshua Küpper

Kerith GbR
How to meet emission goals while cutting overall energy costs - insights for your companies’ energy transformation

A year ago, we received the #DSE2022 Startup Award. Today we want to share our insights for a successful energy transformation. We cover our greatest challenges, how we overcame those, and what we used the 5.000k for.

Short CV:

Lucas Elias Küpper, CEO

Elias conducted research in energy system planning at Stanford University and RWTH Aachen University. He focused his research on accurately modelling the transition to future energy systems with a high share of renewable energy, seasonal storage and sector coupling.

During his studies, he worked for Studydrive and led a water access project in Cameroon with Engineers Without Borders.


Joshua Küpper, CBO

Joshua studied insurance and risk management at the TH-Köln with a focus on actuarial mathematics.

At the same time, he worked for Germany’s second-largest residential building insurer in the operational organisation and managed a group-wide sub-project in purchasing.
After graduating, he moved to a corporate start-up where he managed business development and product development.