Henrik Dahl

OVSoftware GmbH
Managing Director
Challenges facing German-Dutch cooperation

The European Economic Area has existed as a free trade area for almost 30 years, the euro for more than 20 years. Year by year, the basis for intra-European business between the member states is becoming more homogenised. And yet, in a business context, one encounters differences as soon as one’s own national borders are crossed. Is it just the language? Or are there other aspects that need to be taken into account, especially in German-Dutch cooperation?

Short CV:

After studying technical computer science at Münster University of Applied Sciences, Henrik Dahl started working as a Java software developer at OVSoftware in 1997. Since taking over the management of OVSoftware GmbH in 2006, he has continually expanded the business. His highly pragmatic view of the intricacies involved in daily cross-border cooperation has been shaped by 25 years of collaborating and interacting with Dutch affiliates and shareholders.