Hans Brouwers

Oost NL
Industry Representative High Tech & Industry ( HTSM ) Germany
Panel Discussion | German-Dutch cooperation
Short CV:

Hans Brouwers advises companies on strategic business processes. It has extensive know-how as well as an extensive track record in healthcare, life sciences, finance, IT and high-tech industries. He also gained experience in advising start-ups and in international projects, especially in Germany. Hans Brouwers has a passion for Germany and in his role as ambassador of HTSM East of Netherland is very motivated to help build new alliances (trade, innovation) between German and Dutch SMEs and institutions. He strongly believes that Germany and the Netherlands form a unique combination. Together they already achieve world champion level performance and can strengthen this even further. In addition to his role for Oost NL, Hans Brouwers also serves as Managing Director of High Tech Factory, a joint facility for start-ups / companies in the fields of micro and nanotechnology affiliated with the University of Twente.