Glenn González

SAP Germany
Chief Technology Officer
Formulas for “digital transformation”

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a formula for understanding “digital transformation”? Then we’d all be able to set out on our own path. Well… it turns out such formulas do exist. They just don’t look the same as some of the mathematical formulas we might have seen. Join me on a journey of discovery as we find out what’s happening around us right now, where it might be taking us and, above all, how we can play a part in it.

Short CV:

As the CTO of SAP Germany, Glenn González is a digital transformation expert. He leads a team of specialists who support customers with innovation projects and acts as a direct link to SAP’s product development team to maximise the added value generated by SAP’s innovation portfolio.

Before joining SAP in 2012, he had spent many years working as an entrepreneur, software developer and consultant in food production and retail. He is an expert in Industry 4.0, cloud business and e-commerce. He has carried out numerous projects along the entire value chain as both a consultant and project manager.