Geert Hollander

Nedap Staffing Solutions
Managing Director
Creating a culture of innovation

Geert joined Nedap NV in 2008 after obtaining his master’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He has held various roles at Nedap in a career spanning over 12.5 years. He was most recently appointed the Managing Director of the Staffing Solutions market group. Nedap might be a publicly traded multinational organisation, but it is characterised by its non-hierarchical structure. The quality of a person’s arguments is what matters, not so much their position within the hierarchy. Geert will talk about the decisions made and the effects of these decisions on culture and innovation.

Short CV:

2016 – today: Managing Director Nedap Staffing Solutions
2012 – 2016: Team lead Nedap PEP
2011-2016: Sales and Account Manager Nedap PEP
2018-2011: Implementation Coordinator Nedap PEP

2020 – today: Member of the Industrial Advisory Board for Internet Science and Technology
Computer Science