Frank Gelen

Chief Operations Office (COO)
Digitalisation beyond & behind the webpage

247 Tailorsteel is a company founded in 2007; it started with a visionary entrepreneur and a few IT specialists. The vision was to create a platform were customers could upload their designs and select the required delivery date. Intelligent software would calculate the price and perform all work preparation automatically. It took almost 3 years before the portal was launched and the first steps were made to create a factory. It started with lasercutting  and now we are also performing plate bending and tubecutting in 3 highly automated facilities in Varsseveld, Oyten and Hilden.

Short CV:

University of Twente: Mechanical Engineering & Fiber Reinforced Composites
Fokker Aerostructures (Aerospace): Material & Process Engineer, Technical Project Leader
Enrichement Technology (Nuclear/Energy): Manager Engineering Special Processes, Operations Manager,  Manager Business Development
Thule/Brink Towing Systems (Automotive): Vice President Operations
DRBG (prefab building materials): Director Production & Technology
Dutch Shape (Aerospace): Operational Director
247Tailorsteel (Steel/Construction): COO