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Chess master or gardener: new leadership in the age of digitisation

They say crap rolls downhill… As good leadership is based more on imitation than subordination, true authority is less about holding a certain position than it is about leading from the front and showing the right attitude. Modern leaders are so much more than lone chess masters who issue instructions and exercise control – they have to ensure their employees can manage themselves with the attitude of a mindful gardener. This idea is the essence of the six theses presented in the “Manifesto for Human(e) Leadership”, which is intended to stimulate thought about leadership in the age of digitisation.

Short CV:

Dr Marcus Raitner is convinced that elephants can dance. As an agile coach and agile transformation agent, he has been supporting the BMW Group’s IT department since 2015 on its road to becoming an agile organisation. After obtaining a doctorate in computer science from the University of Passau, Marcus Raitner first worked as an IT project manager at msg systems. He started from scratch in 2010, becoming a senior partner and then the CEO of esc Solutions, a small start-up specialising in project management and project coaching. Since 2010, Marcus Raitner has been writing about leadership, digitisation, new work, agility and lots more on his blog „Führung erfahren“.