Dr. Julia Freudenberg

Hacker School gGmbH
Hack the world a better place

Since 2014, the Hacker School has been running (corporate) volunteering schemes to get young people interested in computer programming and IT. Together with selected IT specialists (“inspirers”), children between the ages of 11 and 18 can work on small projects to unearth their digital skills and discover a range of IT-related professions. We want to help young people develop the digital literacy they need to shape their own (digital) future and alleviate the shortage of skilled workers in this field. We are looking to reach over 100,000 young people a year within the next five years.

Short CV:

After gaining many years of experience in business, Dr Julia Freudenberg joined the management team of the multi-award-winning Hacker School with the vision of getting young people interested in computer programming – especially girls and disadvantaged youths. The avid networker establishes close ties between voluntary and professional initiatives in the IT sector. She is a member of the “Young Digital Economy” Advisory Board within the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs (BMWK), volunteers herself and is the happy mother of two children.