Dr. Jascha Paris

DEMCON systec industrial systems
Mechatronic Systems Engineer
The state of industrial digitalisation – what technologies are being implemented and what tools are we using?

Digital twins, IIoT, virtual commissioning, smart industries… There are many buzzwords relating to industrial digitalisation, technologies are available, and their feasibility and use cases have been presented in pilot applications. But which of them can be used simply and sensibly across the board? Which methods and standards can an integrator develop and use to generate an advantage for a company and its customers?

DEMCON is a Dutch group of companies that develops high-tech products and machines for its customers in the semi-conductor, medical technology and life sciences industries and in other fields. The Industrial Systems group focuses on automation. Digitalisation also plays a major role during the production processes that are coordinated across three locations and with other parts of the company.

Short CV:

Jascha Paris started working at RWTH Aachen University in 2015, researching haptic human-machine interaction and developing various robotic and mechatronic systems for industrial partners. After being appointed as the head of a research and development department in 2020, he became responsible for developing driverless transport systems, gripper systems and robots.

Jascha Paris is currently working as a mechatronic system engineer at DEMCON, where he manages the development of system concepts up to their validation in the field of automation and life sciences.