Dr. Bernard Sonnenschein

Gründer und Geschäftsführer
Member Panel Discussion | Specialists, gold of the digital age

For every digital transformation to succeed, skills and capabilities are fundamental to execution. This includes not just experts in topics like AI, Cloud, Data Analytics – but also a huge number of “Translator” roles: people who are able to build the bridges between different functions and innovative digital solutions. Yet, often you won’t find all these people on the hiring market, but need to build them internally.

In this panel discussion, we will discuss the pressing topics for teams and entire companies in the context of these upskilling projects, including (but not limited to):

  • How to build an end-to-end digital skills strategy
  • How to tailor the skill-building offerings to the different learning goals, different prior knowledge, and different learning styles of individual employees
  • How to engage people with a combination of blended self-learning and collaborative learning journeys
Short CV:

Bernard Sonnenschein launched datenbusiness.de at the start of 2020. In addition to his podcast, it’s about bringing together data experts with exciting opportunities. After graduating from the Humboldt University of Berlin with a doctorate in computer neuroscience in 2015, Bernard Sonnenschein started his career in the field of data science, mostly as a consultant and manager.