Chris van den Hooven

Hudson Cybertec
Senior IACS Security Consultant
Why industrial network monitoring is essential

Security seems asymmetrical: if you want to keep the attacker out, you have to plug all the holes. One hole is enough for the attacker. Once the attacker is inside, the asymmetry reverses: in order to remain invisible, an attacker cannot make any mistakes, otherwise he runs the risk of being discovered. Especially in industrial networks, an attacker has a hard time hiding. Chris van den Hooven will talk about why industrial networking monitoring is essential.

Short CV:

Chris has a 15-year track record, including 9 years as CISO, in translating business risks into appropriate cybersecurity measures and integrating these measures into existing business and service management processes. He has held various cybersecurity and risk management positions prior to joining Hudson Cybertec. In doing so, he gained extensive experience in combined IT/OT environments. His specific area of expertise is the alignment of security measures with business objectives and risks.