Arko van Brakel

Semco Style Institute / CleantechRegio
Be the change! Impact starts with you

While exponential developments dominate our living- and work-environment, our brains aren’t fully capable of understanding non-linear trends. The solutions that worked for us before, won‘t resolve the questions of tomorrow, while challenges are bigger, more complex and impactfull than ever. How do you guarantee your or your organization’s role in the future? Arko teaches his audience to respond to complex issues like sustainability, the aging of our society, AI, robots and disruptive technology and makes them future proof. The answer? Confidence in the capabilities of your team, trust in the decision making power of your colleagues and the unlimited believe in the ability oft he human race to find solutions for all our challenges. All knowledge and inventions to build a sustainable economy already exist. The real change starts with ourselves and our plans and behaviour: Dont talk about change. BE the change!

Short CV:

After finishing his study Marketing Management, Arko’s carrier as a serial entrepreneur took off fast as co-founder of one of the first Dutch commercial internet companies, EuroNet Internet. Afterward, more companies such as the Next Marketeer Education, PuntEdu, Jamby, training- and advise company Nieuwe Helden, de Baak and international training company Semco Style Institute – where he’s still Chief Inspiration Officer – followed. He is the author of four books about leadership and entrepreneurship, from whcih two received a nomination for managementbook of the year. Nowadays he is the director oft he Strategic board of Cleantech Regio, a foundation with the purpose to build a sustainable society.