Aleksandar Rodic

FIEGE Logistik Stiftung & Co. KG
CIO | Group IT
„Our Journey“ to people first & digital IT product driven Organization

In a world shaped by diverse markets, complex customer needs and emerging technologies, it is becoming increasingly important for organisations to harness their potential to drive in one common direction. The desired focus for the future is encapsulated by the vision of “IT is business and business is IT”, which provides the basis for a company to transform into a high-performance organisation with lean IT and business. Aleksandar will discuss:

  • Cultural hacking: “IT people first”
  • Best practice for setting up business relationship management
  • IT and business digital product development
  • How business and IT are jointly creating new digital business models
Short CV:

Aleksandar Rodic (Global CIO FIEGE) has been in charge of IT within the FIEGE Group since 2019. After gaining considerable IT experience in the automotive sector over a period of 8 years, he joined FIEGE in 2010 as an IT manager. During that time, he was responsible for implementing a highly automated distribution centre. Since becoming the Head of IT in 2014, he has developed the division specialising in IT information management and digital transformation. Aleksandar has experience in establishing IT projects and strategies from the initial concept to completion. He is promoting the vision of “IT as a business enabler” within FIEGE’s organisation.