Martin Randelhoff

Zukunft Mobilität
Regional operating systems for mobility

In the future, getting around by bus and train, bicycle or new mobility services should be as easy, reliable and smooth as travelling by car, even in rural areas. This requires new offers and structures at various levels that complement each other to form regional operating systems for mobility. They consist of infrastructure, tariffs, a service level, a digital level, organisational processes in the background, and much more. Integrated planning should not only cover the integration of different means of transport, but should literally focus on the “overall mobility system”.

Short CV:

Martin Randelhoff, born in 1988, is a research assistant and doctoral student in the Department of Transport and Transport Planning within the Faculty of Spatial Planning at TU Dortmund. He studied spatial planning at TU Dortmund (after obtaining a degree in transport from TU Dresden). Since 2010, he has been writing a blog on future mobility (, where he deals with current events and developments in the German and international transport sector. He also advises companies, organisations and municipalities on how to anticipate technological trends in the fields of mobility, logistics and transport as part of urban planning, strategy and product development processes.